Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer financing?

    We partner with a few 3rd party finacing company that we have worked hand in hand with for fiancing classic and specialty vehicles which are listed on our website to fill out an application with. We have also worked with customers personal banks to assist in the process of financing our inventory.

  • Do you have a shipping company to transport the vehicle?

    We have a shipping broker we have used since we have been in business that can assist with transportation upon purchase. We can get a quote for enclosed or open transport during the transaction, but can expect current rates around $1.20 per mile from door to door in most cases for enclosed.

  • Do you take vehicles in on trade-in?

    Yes, we occasionally will take vehicles in on trade-in for our inventory. We try to deal in the current muscle car era, classic trucks, and tri-fives in quality condition to consider for trade. Occasionally while not as common we can work with certain newer model vehicles on trade as well pending what local dealer price the vehicle at as a trade-in.

  • Do you accept deposits to hold a vehicle?

    Here at A&E Classics we like for our customers to be happy and satified with their purchase of their vehicle. That being said we would accept flight reservations as form of a deposit to hold a vehicle for 5 business days to come view the vehicle for out of state buyers. Or a $1,000 non-refundable deposit that would be applied towards the purchase of the vehicle.

  • Do you purchase or consign vehicles?

    We can handle both sides of the transaction whether it be purchasing or consigning a vehicle. We own a majority of our inventory we have for sale with a few quality consignments we bring in. We try to stick to a specific classic car market which entails majority of our vehicles being Pre-72, muscles cars, classic trucks, tri-fives, certain street rods, and select specialties vehicles being in a quality finished out condition. Feel free to send us photos, description, pricing on what you have and let us know which route you would prefer in selling outright or consignment and we can discuss further from there.